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British Bakels wins TOSP's 2023 Innovation Award

Congratulations to British Bakels, winner of The Oxford Science Park's 2023 Innovation Award, part of Oxfordshire Business Awards

Starting up in 1947, British Bakels produces a wide range of over 500 dry and wet bakery ingredients for the commercial bakery market and employs over 200 people. We were impressed by its entry focused on the development of near-infrared spectroscopy as part of production processes for their wet products. Spectroscopy can give information about the constituents of a material, for example its homogeneity. British Bakels, working with Newcastle University through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, expanded the use of the technology to mixing time optimisation in order to increase throughput and reduce energy consumption. Further in-house developments have applied the technology to product manufacturing with bespoke software trained to recognise the characteristics of optimal heating before switching to the cooling process. This has led to process / staff efficiency, capacity optimisation and reduction in substandard / waste product. Overall, the company estimates greater than seven figure savings over a three-year period for two product lines.



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