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Oxford Cancer Biomarkers granted Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award

OXFORD, UK – 3rd March 2023 – Oxford Cancer Biomarkers Ltd (OCB) announces today the receipt of an important AI award from the NHS AI Lab (joint unit of teams from the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England and NHS Improvement).

Fundings will be deployed to support a large UK clinical trial aimed at evaluating the clinical utility of the company’s OncoProg® test, a digital pathology solution that uses a sophisticated image processing software algorithm to determine the risk of relapse of patients after tumour surgical resection.

Prof David Kerr CBE, oncologist and co-founder of OCB commented :
“Key objectives throughout the AI Award are to generate real world evidence of clinical utility, feasibility and cost effectiveness of OncoProg®  when integrated into the current NHS pathway; our data suggest that this AI technology improves patients’ outcomes when included into the clinical care pathways for early stage colorectal and prostate cancer and this rigorous clinical study will strengthen the existing body of evidence. This will be an important step towards making this technology available to all patients in UK and worldwide .”

The project, led by Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Birmingham, will kick off in April 2023 and will aim to recruit approximately 400 patients across a number of UK Hospitals.

About Oxford Cancer Biomarkers Ltd (OCB)

Oxford Cancer Biomarkers (OCB) is a spin-out from the University of Oxford, developing and commercialising a suite of AI-enabled diagnostic tools that harness the analytical capabilities of digital pathology and pharmacogenomic markers to optimise cancer treatment pathways.  OCB continues to expand its portfolio with novel biomarkers and proprietary algorithms that enable clinicians to make personalised treatment recommendations based on real-world evidence and empower patients to make better-informed decisions about their own cancer therapy.

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Oxford Cancer Biomarkers Ltd

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Joanna Smart – Executive Chair

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