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OMass Therapeutics Wins The Oxford Science Park Innovation Award at Oxfordshire Business Awards

Oxford, United Kingdom – 20 June 2022 – OMass Therapeutics (‘OMass’ or ‘the Company’), a biotechnology company identifying medicines against highly validated target ecosystems, is pleased to announce that it has won the Oxford Science Park Innovation Award at the Oxfordshire Business Awards.

The Oxfordshire Business Awards recognise, reward and promote the excellence of Oxfordshire-based companies. OMass Therapeutics received the Oxford Science Park Innovation Award in recognition of its recent progress in the search for new drugs against inadequately drugged or intractable targets.

Originally spun out of Oxford University, OMass has commercialised Professor Dame Carol Robinson’s breakthrough research in native mass spectrometry to develop its proprietary drug discovery platform, OdyssION™. The platform integrates novel biochemistry techniques, next-generation native mass spectrometry, and custom chemistry, to allow for the interrogation of protein interactions within its native ecosystem while avoiding the confounding complexity of the cell.

The platform delivers several key benefits including discovering drug binders with high sensitivity without filtering on activity, establishing an unambiguous link between binding and function to drive smart lead optimization, and identifying natural allosteric sites that can be targeted for drug discovery.

OMass’s current pipeline is focused on developing an insurmountable antagonist of the MC2 receptor for congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a gasdermin D inhibitor for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, a GPR65 agonist for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and two earlier-stage programs targeting solute carriers.

Rory Maw, CEO of The Oxford Science Park and part of the Oxfordshire Business Awards judging panel, said: “The judges were impressed by the exciting portfolio of drug candidates OMass Therapeutics has discovered, based on unique technology from the University of Oxford. They hold significant potential in the treatment of rare and immunological diseases, as recognised by investors in the company’s $100m Series B fundraising earlier this year.”

Ros Deegan, Chief Executive Officer of OMass Therapeutics, said: “We are very proud to be part of the Oxfordshire innovation hub and are honoured to have received this year’s Innovation Award. We have made great progress over the last year and this award is a recognition of the benefits our innovative platform OdyssION™ has in the search for better therapeutics for patients with immunological and rare diseases.”

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For further information, please contact:

OMass Therapeutics Consilium Strategic Communications

Rosamond Deegan, Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +44 (0)1235 527589


Sue Charles / Stella Lempidaki / Kumail Waljee

Phone: +44 (0)20 3709 5700



About OMass Therapeutics

OMass Therapeutics is a biotechnology company discovering medicines against highly-validated target ecosystems, such as membrane proteins or intracellular complexes. The company’s unique OdyssION™ technology platform comprises novel biochemistry techniques, next-generation native mass spectrometry, and custom chemistry. This allows OMass to interrogate not just the target, but also the interaction of the target with its native ecosystem, separate from the confounding complexity of the cell. The result is cell-system fidelity with cell-free precision. OMass is advancing a pipeline of small molecule therapeutics in rare diseases and immunological conditions, therapeutics that target solute carriers, complex-bound proteins, and GPCRs.

Headquartered in Oxford, UK, OMass has raised over $150M (£119M) from a top-tier international investor syndicate, including Syncona, Oxford Science Enterprises, GV, Northpond Ventures, and Sanofi Ventures.

To learn more, please visit Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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