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ATDBio establishes molecular diagnostics lab to support customer research

ATDBio establishes molecular diagnostics lab to support customer research

Leading nucleic acid maker evolves activity & builds on pandemic experience   

Oxford, UK, June 21 2021 – ATDBio, a leading innovative manufacturer of synthetic DNA and RNA oligonucleotides, has established a new 745 sq ft molecular diagnostics research and quality control laboratory at The Oxford Science Park. Driven by its experience during the coronavirus pandemic, this expansion will support its customers in developing improved molecular diagnostics for COVID-19 and other pathogens. The new laboratory has the potential to accelerate ATDBio’s growth and improve the UK’s preparedness for future severe outbreaks of infectious disease.

In establishing the molecular diagnostics laboratory the company will recruit and train several new staff, some of whom will work to develop better quality control tests for oligonucleotides than those commonly used. Other initial projects that the company will work on include new qPCR1 probes to be used in faster diagnostic tests, and further development of its novel LAMP primers and probes2 for COVID-19 testing.

Over the course of the pandemic, ATDBio has invested significantly in equipment to increase its DNA manufacturing capacity more than 10-fold, recruiting extra staff and supplying oligonucleotides for tens of millions of tests. Other changes include conversion of an R&D laboratory into a production facility to meet the demand for DNA oligonucleotides for COVID-19 testing. ATDBio is a participant in Innovate UK’s prestigious EDGE Scaleup Programme in recognition of its exponential growth potential.

Dr Tom Brown (Jnr), Chief Scientific Officer of ATDBio, said, ‘The significant increase in demand for our oligonucleotide products last year, driven by COVID-19 testing, has further underlined the importance of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides across diagnostics and therapeutics. Establishment of this molecular diagnostics facility will enable us to deepen our expertise in this area and help our customers develop new products. We look forward to welcoming new staff as part of this expansion which will help us meet our ambitious growth targets.’


1 Oligonucleotides are key reagents in COVID-19 testing, used in the common amplification methods – either LAMP (loop-mediated amplification) or qPCR (polymerase chain reaction, the current gold standard).

2 For more information on this technology –

For more information please contact:


Emma Palmer Foster, Communications                                +44(0) 7880 787185

Notes for Editors

About ATDBio

ATDBio is a leader in complex oligonucleotide synthesis. Its attention to detail combined with years of experience and a knowledge of the latest developments in nucleic acids chemistry enables it to provide an unrivalled service. ATDBio works with both small academic groups and large pharma and biotech companies worldwide – organisations with unique requirements for complex oligonucleotides. Early-stage partnerships with ATDBio have been critical in the growth of several such companies.

During the Covid-19 pandemic ATDBio has been making nucleic acid primers and probes, working with customers to help them develop simpler, faster and more accurate diagnostic methods. Using its specialist nucleic acid expertise, it has made oligonucleotides for tens of millions of tests.

The company was founded in 2005 by Professor Tom Brown, one of the world’s leading nucleic acids chemists, Dr Dorcas Brown, an expert in oligonucleotide synthesis, Dr Tom Brown (Jnr) and Dr Asha Brown. It has laboratories in Southampton and Oxford, UK. For more information please go to or follow on Twitter @ATDBio

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