T-Cypher Bio announces the appointment of Thomas Lars Andresen as Chief
Executive Officer

Company to be led by award winning, cell therapy expert as it aims to unlock an
expansive therapeutic target space by decoding natural T-cell responses in both
oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Oxford, UK, 15 July 2021 – T-Cypher Bio (‘T-Cypher’, or ‘the Company’), a rapidly emerging
private biotech company pioneering a novel approach to TCR therapeutics today announces the
appointment of Thomas Lars Andresen as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and member of the
Board of Directors, effective from 1st August 2021.

Thomas has over 20 years of experience in biomaterial and biological engineering for drug
delivery, immune modulation and cell therapy. Over his career, Thomas has founded several
clinical stage immunotherapy companies including Boston-based Torque Therapeutics and
Monta Biosciences in 2015, and cancer imaging company Nanovi in 2013. He has received
multiple research prizes including the Elite Research Prize from the Danish Ministry of Science
for his research and contribution to the field, has published more than 200 research articles and
filed approximately 45 patent applications.

Uciane Scarlett, PhD, Interim Executive Chair & OSI Investment Principal, said: “Thomas
brings a deep expertise of cell therapy drug development and research as we continue to build a
leading management team. His appointment as CEO demonstrates our ambition to establish TCypher at the forefront of innovation in the field for deconvoluting vast T cell repertoires. His
proven track record will be instrumental to the team as we continue to develop the pipeline and
build the Company going forward.”

Thomas Lars Andresen, PhD, CEO said: “T-Cypher’s ground-breaking technologies stand out
in the cell therapy space, giving it enormous potential to become a leading force of innovation. TCypher is rapidly growing and it is exciting to join at this stage of the Company’s journey. I look
forward to working with the highly ambitious T-Cypher team and driving a unique product pipeline
based on the company’s innovative platforms.”

Dr Luke Williams, Head of Immunology, and OSI Scientist-in-Residence said: “Thomas’
experience in the cell therapy field will provide a strong platform for T-Cypher as we continue to
rapidly grow and establish our operations. I am looking forward to working alongside him as we
enter this new and exciting chapter.”
Today’s announcement follows the recent separation of the Company from Orbit Discovery as it
continues to expand its platform and pipeline.
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About T-Cypher Bio
T-Cypher Bio, a rapidly emerging biotechnology company headquartered in Oxford, UK, is
pioneering a novel approach to develop next generation TCR therapeutics and utilise state of the
art techniques to identify a broad-range of potential targets, for both solid tumours and other
These techniques offer a vast library of candidate antigen peptides for recognition by T cells and
the ability to test T cell functionality directly from patients without the need for T cell cloning, TCR
generation or immortalised T cells.
Through harnessing the knowledge gained within Orbit Discovery, the Company is building a
pipeline of game-changing treatments for patients, with the potential to save lives.
For more information please visit: https://tcypherbio.com/

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